Alliance exCHANGE: Learning from COVID, Thursday 28 October

Alliance exCHANGE: Learning from COVID


Join the Glasgow Alliance to end Homelessness for our monthly engagement gathering, the Alliance exCHANGE.

Thursday 28 October, 10am – 1pm, Renfield Centre, Glasgow

We’re going to end homelessness and rough sleeping in Glasgow by 2030, but we’re going to achieve this is by working together. We’d like you to be a part of the conversation and the collective change to make this happen.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented disruption, but services adapting to the challenge delivered positive outcomes for people experiencing homelessness. 

What can we learn from the pandemic response? Where positive outcomes for people were achieved, what can we take from those approaches to apply to our current context? And what can we improve on for the future?

Join us, along with partners from across the city, to share learning from the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic response, and reflect on what we can take forward.

At this exCHANGE session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from a range of services on their pandemic approach. Through networking with others working across homelessness, housing and beyond, you’ll come away with the key learning, and discuss what we can take from these approaches to improve service and practice as we move into winter.

This session will be most relevant to service providers – service managers and frontline staff – as well as partners from across health, criminal justice, families and young people, and others with an interest in ending homelessness in Glasgow.

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Do you want to present your COVID approach and learning at this exCHANGE? Get in touch by emailing for more information.

The Alliance exCHANGE are monthly engagement sessions hosted by the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness to create space for service providers, people with experience of homelessness and other relevant organisations to shape the Alliance approach, provide feedback, network, and share learning.

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