Alliance exCHANGE: Outreach Bibliography


What should the future of outreach services in Glasgow look like?

This was the question the Alliance and partners across the city sought to answer at the exCHANGE session on Tuesday 23 September.

The Alliance is informed by the principle of ‘What’s Best for People?’, which guides all activity, decision-making and development. What’s best for people is shaped by feedback from people with lived experience of homelessness, service provider’s experience and the evidence base. As part of our model of transparency, we’ve pulled together the resources that have formed our evidence base and informed the Alliance’s initial thinking of what future outreach services could look like.

Find below the resources that have shaped our thinking:

Hard Edges Scotland (2019): new conversations about severe and multiple disadvantage. Lankelly Chase and The Robertson Trust, London. Bramley, G., Fitzpatrick, S., Wood, J., Sosenko, F., Blenkinsopp, J., Littlewood, M., Frew, C., Bashar, T., McIntyre, J. and Johnsen, S.

Ending Rough Sleeping: What Works? An international evidence review (2017). Crisis, London. Mackie, P., Johnsen, S. and Wood, J.

Eradicating ‘Core Homelessness’ in Scotland’s Four Largest Cities: providing an evidence base and guiding a funding framework (2017). Social Bite, Edinburgh. Littlewood, M., Bramley, G., Fitzpatrick, S. and Wood, J. 

Scottish Government (2018) Ending Homelessness Together: high level action plan. Scottish Government and COSLA, Edinburgh. Scottish Government (2020) Ending Homelessness Together: updated action plan, October 2020. Scottish Government and COSLA, Edinburgh.

Homeless Link (2017) Housing First in England: the principles. Homeless Link, London.

Homeless Link (2020) Developing Housing First: the ‘non-negotiables’. London: Homeless Link.

Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE):

PIE Link Net: For further information and updates on Psychologically Informed Environments you can sign up to become a member of PIE Link Net.

Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE): A Literature Review, St Mungos

For further information on the Alliance exCHANGE Outreach session email or read our Flash Report from the session.