Alliance exCHANGE Resource Library


Access all the Flash Reports from previous Alliance exCHANGE sessions to discover learning and innovation from across the sector.

Alliance exCHANGE are monthly engagement sessions hosted by the Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness to bring together people working across homelessness services, people with personal experience of homelessness, and those interested in ending homelessness in Glasgow by 2030. exCHANGE events are an opportunity to find out more about the work of the Alliance, feed into our work, network and discover emerging learning across the sector.

Below is our resource of Alliance exCHANGE Flash Reports, sharing some of the key themes and views from discussions at each of our exCHANGE events.

If you would like a copy of the slide deck to accompany the Flash Report from any of the exCHANGE events please contact us at

Alliance exCHANGE Resource Library (updated monthly)

Get to know the Alliance – August 2021

Outreach – September 2021

Learning from COVID – October 2021

Efficiencies – December 2021

Temporary Accommodation – March 2022

Glasgow City HSCP Strategic Plan Engagement Session – April 2022