Find food provision services for people experiencing homelessness


Access to food is essential. Find and share services providing evening meals and food to people experiencing homelessness in Glasgow.

Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness has created a list of local services and resources where people can access food at no cost.

Hosted on the Get Help Glasgow platform, the food provision list has captured a range of services operating across Glasgow city centre. Services have been verified for operating times so that anyone accessing this list can be confident that resources are up-to-date.  

Food provision services include:

Evening Drop-in service, Glasgow City Mission

Social Suppers Sit-In, Social Bite in partnership with Lodging House Mission

Drop-by Service, Wayside Club Centre

The Wild Olive Tree, St George’s Tron

View the full list here: Get Help Glasgow Food Provision Resource List

If you’re aware of any services providing food to people at no cost in the local area that may be suitable for inclusion on the list, please contact