The city’s unique character has been shaped by the challenges of the past and the demands of the present.

The Glasgow of today is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with a growing reputation as a top tourist destination and Europe’s cultural capitals. It’s a city on the up and there’s never been a more exciting time to be here. 

But more change is needed. The city’s unique character has been shaped in large part by the challenges of  the past and the demands of the present. There’s been a lot of progress but Glasgow still faces issues of deprivation, ill-health, inequality and poverty across the city.

A snapshot of
the city

  • Glasgow has a population of 612,040
  • 10% the population of Scotland
  • 24,600 increase in Glasgow city population by 2026
  • Glasgow has a lower life expectancy than the rest of Scotland
  • 5203 homeless applications
  • Applications made by single people: 2651 men / 985 women
  • Applications made by couples: 221
  • Applications made by single men with children: 286
  • Applications made by single women with children: 1060

People with lived experience of homelessness and rough sleeping are equal partners in our work, and we recognise that we can’t solve this issue without them. The Alliance has a consensus decision making approach which means that people’s involvement isn’t tokenistic; they have the opportunity to shape tangible change by being part of a network of passionate people who are working to end homelessness in Glasgow.