Here’s where you can find support if you’re concerned about someone rough sleeping


People make Glasgow, and we’re a caring bunch, but we don’t always know what to do when we’re concerned about someone sleeping on the streets or where to go if we’re looking for support and services.

We’re delighted to be sharing our Get Help Glasgow campaign again this winter. We want you to know where to go for support if you’re:

  • Concerned about yourself or someone else who is rough sleeping.
  • Looking for services that can prevent you from becoming homeless or help you stay in your home.
  • Interested in where to go for local community support.

We know that the cost of living crisis is sliding people and families across Glasgow into risk of homelessness, and worsening conditions for those that are already homeless. This is the second year we’ve run the Get Help Glasgow campaign, and it’s never been more important for people to know what services exist in the community that can support them.

We’re asking you to:

  1. Call the RSVP free helpline on 0800 027 7466 for immediate support if you’re concerned about someone rough sleeping
  2. Visit to search and find support in your community

No one should have to sleep on the streets. If you’re concerned about yourself or someone you know, call the Rough Sleepers and Vulnerable People (RSVP) free helpline on 0800 027 7466 to access immediate support.
The RSVP line is managed by Simon Community Scotland.

Get Help Glasgow brings together a range of support across the city and beyond into one easy-to-use space. You can search and find support from housing and homelessness, mental health, money and welfare advice, food banks, addiction and recovery and other community groups.