Mark Kelvin appointed as Alliance Director


By Nicki Watson

The Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness – a citywide movement for change – has appointed Mark Kelvin as its Alliance Director.

Having held various roles across the health and social care sector, Mark is an inspirational leader with experience of delivering transformational change. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience relevant to the position.

Mark is the first appointment by the Alliance. He will support the Alliance Leadership Team in driving forward the plans that will re-shape Glasgow’s services in order to overcome the issues which cause homelessness, and to mitigate the impact of homelessness in the City.

People who have personal experience of homelessness in Glasgow were an important part of the recruitment process, and have an equal role in the work of the Alliance.

GHIFT and Alliance Leadership Team member David Pentland said: “We’re delighted to welcome Mark to the Alliance team. We were impressed by his passion for the Alliance and commitment to working alongside Glasgow’s citizens to tackle homelessness, we’re looking forward to seeing him advance our plans.”

Mark said: “I am really excited about the work of the Alliance and the opportunity to shape this new role. Glasgow is a proud city and by working together to create a movement for change we can tackle the challenges that homelessness presents and achieve the vision of the Alliance – to end homelessness in Glasgow by 2030.”

Susanne Millar, Chief Officer, Glasgow City Health & Social Care Partnership, said: “Congratulations to Mark on his appointment to this exciting and challenging new role. Glasgow’s Alliance to End Homelessness is an innovative new approach to tackling what is a highly complex social issue. Collaboration is at the heart of Glasgow’s strategic alliancing approach which is the first of its kind in Scotland and we look forward to working closely with Mark and the other partners going forward to continue to enhance and transform the delivery of homeless services in the city.”