Our Ambition:
End homelessness in Glasgow by 2030.

The City of Glasgow

Glasgow has gone through a transformation in recent years. The city of today is vibrant and cosmopolitan, with a growing reputation as a top tourist destination and one of Europe’s cultural capitals. It’s on the up, and there’s never been a more exciting time to be here.  

But further change is needed. The city’s unique character has been shaped in large part by the challenges it has faced in the past and those it still faces today. Glasgow struggles with deprivation, ill-health and inequality, and there’s widespread poverty across the city. At a time when rents are going up and wages are going down, the pressures of everyday life have led to homelessness for too many of our citizens. This isn’t acceptable in today’s day and age.



But with challenges and barriers comes aspiration, determination and community. Glasgow is going all out to tackle homelessness – not just rough sleeping but homelessness in all its forms. The Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness is a collaboration of organisations that have been commissioned to kick start a city-wide movement for change that welcomes contributions for everyone.

The Alliance is taking a new and radical approach that will help people struggling with homelessness to get back in charge of their lives. The plan will transform Glasgow’s approach to all forms of homelessness and will end rough sleeping by 2030. It’s a big target, and there is a lot of work to be done, but the city’s ability to transform itself is one it’s greatest strengths. We’re creating new services that are being planned and developed alongside people who have experienced homelessness first-hand. We’re drawing together experts and partners from all across society to join us in our movement for change.

Read more about who we are, and the people who are a part of our organisation:

Challenging Perceptions

We know there are assumptions made by people on what homelessness is and what it looks like. Many people think that rough sleeping is the only form of homelessness and affects a specific type of person – a middle-aged man with substance misuse issues, a young runaway or women fleeing domestic violence.

Homelessness is also seen as a result of poor choices in life, and people don’t think it can be prevented. We want to challenge these perceptions, and the stigma, by tackling the structural cause of homelessness, including lack of secure, affordable housing. Most importantly, we want to challenge the public perception that homelessness is inevitable and a social problem that can’t be solved. It can, and together we’re going to.

The Alliance want you to join us on our movement for change.

As Glasgow flourishes, all our citizens should have dignity, security and the right to play their part in its continued success.

Get involved with our community and see how you can support the Alliance.