Photo of a group of young people taking part in a money skills workshop

Tackling youth homelessness through money management skills


By Gemma Orr, MyBnk

As The Money House project expands to Glasgow, MyBnk Scotland Partnerships Manager Gemma Orr talks youth homelessness in the city and how money management skills can help.

MyBnk is a charity that delivers expert-led financial education programmes to 5-25 year olds in UK schools and youth organisations – directly, virtually and online. Together with young people, they have created innovative, high impact and high energy workshops that bring money to life.

In the midst of a housing and homelessness crisis, research tells us one in three care leavers currently lose their first home and 83% of evictions are caused by rent arrears. MyBnk’s Money House Project works to tackle youth homelessness through developing money management skills, with only 1% of Money House graduates ever being evicted.  We already have four successful projects in London and are currently expanding into Glasgow.

The Money House

The Money House (TMH) is an award-winning financial education service for 16 to 25-year-olds on the pathway to social housing – specifically targeting care leavers and other young adults in challenging circumstances. Over a week, a trained expert in a simulated flat environment in Glasgow, will teach participants everything they need to know to keep their tenancy. It focuses on survival money management skills, understanding systems, planning for the future and reducing financial exclusion. Using games and activities, it brings money to life, clears up misconceptions and confronts bad habits and worries like debt. Courses are available both online via Zoom and in-person.

Bringing TMH to Glasgow

The decision to expand this project into Glasgow was driven by the clear need in the city. In 2019-20 there were 6054 homeless applications in Glasgow, with another 4000+ in the Lanarkshires, and a further 2557 households were in temporary accommodation. In Scotland more generally, around 24% of children are living in poverty and 70% of young Scots were concerned about their financial situation during the pandemic.

Each individual facing homelessness has their own story, but the heart of TMH programme has stayed the same – teaching young people how to live independently and lower the risk of homelessness. The challenges facing young people in Glasgow will be different to those in London, and the financial landscape certainly differs too: benefits, housing, jobs, entitlements and financial exclusion all require local knowledge. MyBnk Scotland have already been delivering money workshops in schools and youth organisations since 2019 and our Glasgow-based team have local knowledge and expert training to help them bring TMH to life for young people in Scotland.

Getting involved

The Money House targets young adults about to move into social housing. Those coming to TMH Glasgow can be referred by a range of stakeholders, including homelessness and young adult services within councils and housing associations and charity partners such as Barnardo’s.

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